Fight the Tight Bands

NO MORE are the days of feeling straightjacketed by your bra because it is glued to your body. NO MORE are the days that your shoulders and arms get immobilized inside the rolled, wet bra halfway through the removal process. NO MORE embarrassing locker room situations where you dread getting stuck and looking foolish or realizing you cannot get the bra off without assistance (gasp…).

Fight the Tight Bands

FIGHT the TIGHT Bands are patent pending, innovative and affordable. Order today. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING.

$ 15.00

FIGHT the TIGHT Bands are patent pending, innovative bands that allow you take a sweaty, tight, glued-on sports bra (and shapewear) off virtually struggle free. These bands save your tired arms from getting torn skin, getting stuck above your head, and contorting in a way you thought not possible.


FIGHT the TIGHT Bands are easy to use! 


First - Attach the bands to both sides of the sports bra by threading the band under the torso and through the armhole area of the bra. Attach both bands.


Then - Thread the handle end through the “O” ring.


Next - Pull the handles down to tighten around bra.


Final step - Pull sports bra up and over head. 

Crisscross arms in front of body. Grasp handles. It may help to release the breasts from the bra by pulling torso band up and over them a little.

While holding handles or holding the bands at any grab location that is comfortable for you, pull sports bra up and over head in the same way you’d take off a t-shirt!   Sweat is like glue...WIGGLE a bit to help the bra along! 


Not Just for Sports Bras! Try on Shape Wear Too!

FIGHT the TIGHT Bands remove shape wear! Just fold/gather the torso portion of the shape wear tank up around your breast area and follow the same steps outlined to remove it comfortably! No more struggling! It's easy!