Fight the Tight Bands

NO MORE are the days of feeling straightjacketed by your bra because it is glued to your body. NO MORE are the days that your shoulders and arms get immobilized inside the rolled, wet bra halfway through the removal process. NO MORE embarrassing locker room situations where you dread getting stuck and looking foolish or realizing you cannot get the bra off without assistance (gasp…).

Making Life Easier

Posted by Lori Kobyluck on September 15, 2015 . 0 Comments

Day to day life can sometimes be mundane, difficult, boringly repetitive, and the list of adjectives can go on and on. But sometimes a simple product, idea, DIY (do it yourself) project can make all the difference. These types of products, ideas, or projects have so many benefits that can add to your daily life. They can be credited with taking the sting out of an everyday job, helping you get out the door faster, or by just putting a smile on your face! Some of my favorites are the following:

Of course, FIGHT  the TIGHT Bands! You've reached this page so you are already well aware of their benefits! The difficult task of taking your sports bra off has been transformed by these bands! And of course they work great on those pesky shape wear tanks. Those tanks give me the confidence I need to step out for a night on the town and the FIGHT the TIGHT bands give me the confidence that removal of the tank will be EASY! Mission Accomplished!

Plastic shoe holders can be a great tool for organizing shoes, of course! How about sticking it on the back of a door for your kids to store those small items that they always seem to need but lose? My kids have used them to store their beauty products, hair ties, those items you need for the game (socks, belts, headband, etc) but can't seem to find....the list goes on and on. My kids love this idea and have utilized the for years! But forget the organized adults (ehem..) can use them too! Shove scarfs, belts, small purses, etc. inside and never search for the one item you know would complete that outfit! There is nothing better than looking for something and KNOWING exactly where it is! 

Battery good or bad? For those of us that have kids that comingle the good and bad batteries leaving us to input them 10 times to figure it's an idea. Drop a battery 6-8 inches and if it produces a small bounce, it's good! If it produces a bounce any bigger than a small one, they are either dead or very close to it!

Love condiments? There is no such thing as too many condiments. I use a MUFFIN TIN to serve condiments in at my BBQ! Load with chopped onion/peppers, BBQ sauce, pickles, olives, horseradish sauce, salsa, mayo, bacon bits, sour cream, etc. The options are endless. Make that ordinary burger extraordinary!

End sticky popsicle fingers. Punch the stick end of a popsicle through a cupcake tin. The popsicle will melt but NOT all over your kids fingers, hands, or arms then to only be transferred to everything they touch! End stickiness!

Question is...which one will you try first?