Fight the Tight Bands

NO MORE are the days of feeling straightjacketed by your bra because it is glued to your body. NO MORE are the days that your shoulders and arms get immobilized inside the rolled, wet bra halfway through the removal process. NO MORE embarrassing locker room situations where you dread getting stuck and looking foolish or realizing you cannot get the bra off without assistance (gasp…).

About Us

Sweaty sports bra. Minutes to get out the door. Arms stuck. UGH!

I am a stay-at-home Mom who likes to workout and go out. FIGHT the TIGHT Bands came about because I got into some embarrassing sports bra removal situations of my own that had to be addressed. Tired of FIGHTING to get my sports bra off after a workout, I would sometimes avoid working out altogether or wear shirts both under and over my sports bra to help soak up sweat. I dreaded the pain and embarrassment I knew I'd endure getting undressed. Asking your husband to help get your sports bra off or contorting yourself and getting stuck in front of others in the gym locker room is NOT enjoyable!

And we haven't even talked about getting that form-fitting, body-molding shape wear off after a night out! YUP, works on shape wear too!

I mentioned my frustration to my dear friend Penny. She shared my same frustration! After searching and realizing that there was NOTHING on the market to help us, I soon realized I needed a solution to these problems for myself and others. I then went to work brainstorming..the sewing machine came out...prototypes reworked and soon FIGHT the TIGHT Bands were born!

There is NOTHING that provides the relief, minus the grief, like FIGHT the TIGHT Bands!

I wish you many FIGHT the TIGHT moments!

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